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Content and Analytics
Content and Analytics



It might not be as glamorous as social media but email marketing remains one of the most effective marketing tools in the online space. We understand the potential of email when it comes to penetration, reach, life span, engagement, and return on investment (ROI). We use e-mail to drive conversion of transactions including cross sellingup selling and retention. 

What's Included in Our Email Marketing Services

Services from our full-service email-marketing agency always include a custom-designed email template, professional copywriting services, and advanced analytics tracking and reporting.
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Working with your team to add opt-in email signs up to contact forms
Utilizing other social media and paid strategies to continue to grow the list
Adding new opt-in sign-ups for before each new email blast 


Analysing what content most users interact with on your site
Working with experienced designer to create email template that fits your brand
Using data from previous email campaigns to incorporate proven design elements 


Working with your company and target audience to write valuable content for them
Running contests and giveaways to increase engagement
Designing for engagement and conversions 


Tracking sends and delivery rates
Tracking open and click-through rates
Tracking web visits, leads, sales, and revenue for each email blast 


Split-testing subject lines
Split-testing send times and dates
Split-testing copy and offers
And more!


Marketing automation
Customer retention email
Win-back email campaigns 

Social Media marketing

Social media marketing is the best way to gain exposure for your business. The trouble for you is that there is a lack of consistency and strategy. If you do not have a dedicated person for your social media accounts then you are not maximizing social media’s value and effectiveness.      

Brandi Digital Social Media Services

Social Media Management

There are two parts to social media management. First, we will determine which social media channels are suited to your brand. Then, we will help you use various social media sites to manage your brand online. It’s important to note that not all social media sites are created equal. Some of them are more pertinent to specific business models than others. 

For example, if your company is in the B2B space, you will want to promote your brand on LinkedIn. On the other hand, if your company is in the fashion industry, you will likely find more success on image-focused social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram. Once we have established which social media channels are suited to your company, we will help you use social media to boost your brand online. We will work with you to set goals about social media updates. We will offer pointers about the type of content you should include in your updates and how often you should post to social media. Next, we will go over your social media analytics to determine which types of updates resonate well with people in your target market. You can use that information to focus your social media marketing efforts for the best results. Finally, we will also show you how to use social media to generate leads and bring people to your website.
Now to the good part. While the goals of regular posting are engagement, the goal of social media advertising is sales. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram especially provide optimal opportunities to increase brand revenue through promotional advertising. Brandi Digital can help in on your target audience based on online behavior’s, interests, locations, and more. Facebook advertising services allow us to run ads to a set of cold leads or your current email database. Because we focus our attention on segmented audiences, your advertising dollars are spent wisely. And for those who are interested in a more extensive campaign, our Pay per Click (PPC) campaigns will help you gain a significant amount of exposure. So, there’s no time to lose. Generate more conversions, results, and cost-effective solutions from targeted social media advertising.  

Social Media Audit-

Social media presence is an essential part of a strong digital marketing strategy, but it can quickly become overwhelming. If your business is ready to start seeing results, a social media audit can help you develop a winning strategy for social media. 

Campaign Strategizing-

Campaigns are made successful through productive brainstorming sessions. The strategy includes mapping out the specifics of target audience from the beginning to the end of the campaign and its analysis post the run for the campaign. Our campaign strategies are designed to connect the dots between online conversations and serious growth in customer loyalty and market share. 

Influencer Marketing

Businesses see great benefits from aligning themselves with brand ambassadors. Influencer marketing goes where paid media cannot, providing a way to connect with an active community and create brand authenticity. Brandi Digital helps business plan, execute, and manage their partnerships and influencer marketing plans 

Content Marketing

Brandi Digital provides a range of content marketing creation to help fuel your brand and create content for your website, email campaigns, social media channels, or any other digital marketing channel.
Content marketing is one of the most crucial aspects of a search engine optimization strategy because it builds influence on the web for your brand. Great content leads back to your business and gets customer interested in your product or service.

Inside Our Content Marketing Services

Content Strategy

All our content marketing service packages include a custom content strategy, built for your business, your audience, and your goals. 

Content Development

Next, we create a content calendar for your company’s must-share content. Based on your plan, you may receive 3-10 pieces of content. 

Content Creation

Our experienced in-house copywriting and marketing team begins creating your custom content, whether it’s a blog post, online guide, or video. 

Content Optimization

Your content marketing management services also include SEO, which optimizes your content for users and search engines. 

Content Promotion

Using our network of industry influencers, we help promote your content online in the places that matter most to your audience. 

Content Reporting

Each month, we provide an easy-to-read content report that shows the performance (and returns) of your content to your bottom line. 

Search Engine Advertising


Search engine advertising campaigns, also known as pay-per-click advertising, can be an effective way to increase your online findability and brand awareness. However, it is very easy to waste your time and money with online advertising if you have an ineffective advertising strategy or no strategy at all. When this happens, your results will be minimal, costs will be maximal, and it is likely you will not reach your intended audience. Our search engine advertising campaigns are accurately targeted based on live data to ensure your advertising budget is being spent wisely to generate real, relevant, high-quality leads and sales.  


Paying for a placement on a search engine results page can be valuable if you target the right keywords. We will do a keyword analysis to determine the most effective way to spend your money while staying ahead of your competition. 


There are several ways to use remarketing ads. It can either be via text ads or display ads.  We will help you to better understand where to reach your customers with remarketing to ensure a bigger conversion rate. 


Display ads help to increase your brand awareness, since they are placed all over the internet. We will create the banner visuals, set up a display banner campaign, and implement specific targeting that will ensure an effective display banner campaign. 

Blog Marketing-

Blog management is crucial in developing a strong sense of corporate identity, solidifying industry leadership, attracting the right market, and generating engaging buzz for your target audience to consume. 

By creating, updating, and managing a blog page, you are giving viewers, users, and customers an easy acquisition funnel onto your site that will certainly increase traffic, and ultimately, your conversions. Blogs should never be considered an afterthought, but instead treated as one of the pillars holding up your digital marketing strategy. 

Since websites need new content added regularly, blogs become the best way to achieve that. We have a strong group of SEO-trained writers that produce content intended to support and elevate your brand. By investing in content and putting conversions ahead of traffic, your business will experience a significant increase in brand awareness, and tangibly higher rankings. 

Blog Management Services

  • Weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly posting options for your blog 
  • SEO-optimized posts with targeted keywords, metadata, and outbound links 
  • The optimization of your site’s current or past blog posts 
  • Partnership prospecting and outreach, or guest blogging 

Do you have a query? Whether you need an expert opinion, or just want to find out more about what we do, we are eagerly waiting to hear from you.