Bringing branding and innovation together, we create value for you and your customers


Creating digital experiences that differentiate companies from their competitors is possible by carefully crafting interactions with consumers. We help our clients develop holistic customer journeys by using Design Thinking to identify opportunities for creating digital experiences that matter.
  • Digital strategy
  • Web development
  • iOS and mobile app development
  • Information architecture
  • Brand asset management
  • Digital marketing
  • User experience
  • Social media

Corporate Branding

In order for a brand to be successful, it must capture a compelling idea that sets it apart from the competition. Over the last four years, Brandi has delivered compelling corporate brands for many organizations using our proven methodology.
  • Market research
  • Brand strategy
  • Name, tagline and messaging
  • Logo and identity design
  • Brand launch and implementation


Our content strategists make every touch point count with memorable and shareable information. Our writers and designers will work closely with you to understand your customers’ needs, how to engage them in valuable conversations and which channels to reach the best outcomes. Whether with thought leadership papers, infographics, social media presence, web copy, videos or blog posts, we can help you
  • Form strategies for content design and distribution including digital marketing
  • Create Thought Leadership papers and expert marketing
  • Build connections through social media marketing
  • Share authentic stories through video and motion graphics
  • Create corporate communications and annual reports
  • Align corporate sustainability messaging and reporting
  • Articulate complex information through infographics
  • Strengthen sales with messaging playbooks

Brand strategy

By providing both functional and emotional benefits, a great brand strategy appeals to the hearts and minds of consumers. The value proposition communicated must be solid for all stakeholders, inside and outside of the company. A good brand strategy reinforces your brand’s promise, raises brand equity and economic value, and drives real business results. Our approach is based on facts and rooted in extensive research, which ensures that each client’s unique brand strategy will succeed. Business consultants, marketers, designers, and technologists work together in strategy teams to address every aspect of your brand strategy.
  • Position companies and products in a new or refreshed manner
  • Rewrite the company’s mission, vision, and values
  • Optimize your brand portfolio to improve financial performance
  • Define a brand messaging framework that is compelling and differentiated
  • Analyze the equity and liabilities of the client as well as competition
  • Make brand decisions based on a quantitative assessment of economic risk
  • Identify aspects of competitive advantage
    Identify future sources of shareholder value growth
  • Determine the needs and value propositions of different segments of customers
  • Analyze corporate brand sustainability from a strategic perspective
  • Integrate branded customer experiences with loyalty and purchase drivers