Industry –

Objective –

A Hygiene And Healthcare Brand With A Progressive Ideology To Build A Strong Brand Reputation And Recognition Among All Ages In The Digital Platforms.


Makeasy Global is a brand with a vision for Health and Hygiene in the daily Lifestyle of women. Their products include a revolutionary pee device that offers the provision to stand and pee. Sanitary napkin, Body Wash, Wet Wipes, Incinerator to destroy the pad effectively and a Vending Machine to increase pads availability.

Building a brand’s Social Media presence is one of the greatest challenges when a brand is in an initial stage. To achieve this objective brand awareness campaigns were blended with informative and engaging events to target our potential customers of the age between 20 -40.

Extracting quality information, Maximum number of Page reach and unique target customers by articulating ‘Placements & Exposure factors like.

led to a hit a giveaway contest campaign eventually to encourage good number of interested customers and enthusiastic audience organically.

We involved the audience in a 5 Day contest/actions/events to engage the Target Audience of our community.

Campaigns generated interest among the audience in the Early ’20s and Late ’40s, engaged group of people sharing their knowledge and tips about what to have and what not to have during periods.