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Who We Are

We Are A Brand Management Company

The digital revolution changed everything. Immediacy has become the norm in the market. CMOs’ jobs are being rewritten by customers and technology. With departmental silos crumbling, you now manage the entire customer experience.

This new world requires a new set of principles if you want to grow your business and drive revenue. Customers should be at the center of your business strategy. Making more meaningful connections with customers and employees is crucial. Collaborative efforts with doers and thinkers are respected. Analytics-driven principles that value insights derived from data. Rich brand experiences power all of this.

These principles guide us in our daily lives. We help businesses like yours transform insights, ideas, and experiences into value.

Meet The Brandi Team


Amit Tiwari

Chief Executive Officer

ashim dutta

Ashim Dutta


Pooja Srivastava

Advisory Board Head

Ruchika Rathi

Graphic and Design Head

Gurpreet Singh

Web & Technical Head

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