SEO is the process of editing and creating website content and code that ranks well on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. First, your website must be coded so search engines can find and crawl it. This will increase the likelihood of your website ranking higher in the organic search result pages. Search engine optimization helps you reach your target audience when they are actively searching online for information related to your products and services. Without SEO, you risk losing potential clients to your competitors, because their website is more accessible and appears higher in the search results. Brandi Digital can help you improve your SEO marketing strategy, thereby increasing the organic traffic to your website. As we work to evaluate your current standing and improve your rankings in the search results, your business and online presence will grow. Your website also needs to be fast, secure, and mobile-friendly. Second, you need web page after web page of unique, remarkable, and optimized content. Third, you must gain citations, links, and references from other relevant and authoritative websites.


Technical SEO

The businesses that have realized the importance of this majestic creation have already jumped on the bandwagon and are making the most out of their ventures. One thing that has really come up as a surprise entity on the World Wide Web is the cropping up of various e-commerce sites.


Local Search

Local search is searching for services and products online by using a particular geographical component to focus the search. There are numerous statistics released by the experts that show more and more people are searching online for local products and services.

Mobile Search

Mobile marketing is a multi-channel, digital marketing strategy aimed at reaching a target audience on their smartphones, tablets, and/or other mobile devices, via websites, email, SMS and MMS, social media, and apps. In recent years, customers have started to shift their attention (and dollars) to mobile. Because of this, marketers are doing the same in order to create true Omni channel engagement. As technology becomes more fragmented, so does marketing. And in order to earn and maintain the attention of potential buyers, content must be strategic and highly personalized.


Site Migration

We offer website migration services to preserve organic traffic on the old website onto the new website. There are several things to be considered before, during, and immediately after a changeover to a new website, even if the new website is more ‘SEO-friendly’.


SEO can be frustrating, as any company executive understands. The stakes are high, and using non-reputable agencies or consultants can result in irrelevant traffic, or worse, Google penalties.

Major organizations around the world depend on our SEO services to increase both revenue and brand reach. The relationships we have with our clients are long-term, but our contracts are month-to-month. Meaning they have the freedom to leave when we no longer meet their needs.

Check out a few other reasons why 85% of our clients stick around for a lot longer than a month or two:

  • Higher ROI
  • Increased Market Share
  • Proven Ability to Scale
  • Ecommerce Sales Growth
  • Unique, High-Quality Content Generation
  • Custom-Tailored Strategic Planning
  • Dedicated Account Manager & Additional Support


PPC is a good way of opening doors, even if just a crack, that would otherwise stay closed. For some users, a promoted post or tweet will be their first exposure to your business or brand. Whether yours is a new venture fresh on the scene or already well established, the opportunity to spread your brand as widely as possible should be a top goal.
Your content, even if paid for, will still potentially get clicks and perhaps even followers, leading to earned clicks in the future. The best part? All of the results of your PPC efforts can be all tracked from clicks to even mouse movements. You will know where every cent of your paid media efforts go and the ROI you are receiving

Our Paid Media Tactics:

Mobile ADS

Mobile ADS

Unlike any other channel, mobile allows marketers to reach larger audiences in the palm of their hand.

Display ADS

Display ADS

We accurately target consumers where they to spend their time – across screens with visual representation of your business.

Native ADS

Native ADS

In a content-heavy digital world, native ads offer us a way to reach audiences that have growth savy to ad placements.

Video ADS

Video ADS

Increasingly, consumers are cutting their ties to traditional media and turning to digital representation of their information.


Web analytics revolves around the practice of gathering, reporting, and evaluating website data. This data lends insight into user behaviour through helpful metrics and reveals how well you are Internet marketing campaigns work.
Your web analytics can reveal patterns and lead to actionable steps to improve user engagement and marketing goals.
Through tracked measurements, you can see what page visitors entered through, the length of their session, which pages they navigate to next on your site, and more.
Whether you want to keep tabs on your paid advertising or organic search results strategies, these analytics deliver clear indications of your efforts. Web data allows your business to make informed decisions about its performance.

Must-have web analytics tools

For web analytics, you need high-functioning software that aggregates data and condenses it into a more manageable format. Let’s go over three must-have web analytics tools that can speed along your web analytics set up and get you closer to high volumes of traffic and a steady flow of conversions.

Google Analytics

As the most robust free web analytics tool, Google Analytics is the backbone of site analysis. Google’s experience in evaluating website quality makes it highly qualified to guide site owners through their web performance.
It’s broken into four categories — audience, acquisition, behavior, and conversions.
There is also a real-time analytics section that allows you to watch as current user actions shift the data around. Second-by-second and minute-by-minute, you can see what is taking place on your site with the real-time analytics feature.
Google Analytics has custom goals you can create to monitor your site too.
You can precisely track important steps through these tailored goals.

Here are the four types of goals you can set up:


The visitor goes to a specific page, like a “thank you” or “keep shopping” page.



The visitor spends a certain number of minutes on a page.


The visitor navigates to a minimum number of pages during their session.


The visitor performs a chosen action, like downloading a pdf or pressing play on a video.

Smart goal

The visitor’s level of engagement informs paid ad targeting.

Making sense of this data and related metrics in your Google Analytics reports is the trick to having a website that not only earns traffic but also generates conversions.
Web analytics services help make that happen by translating these tough-to-read charts for you and your staff and providing actionable advice.

Tag Management-

Go Agile with Analytics implementation through an Analytics Tag Manager like Google Tag Manager. Deploy tags through a tag manager – minimize deployment time and errors.

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